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Retail Postcard Puzzles

Officially Licensed Retail Postcard PuzzlesOur stock Postcard Puzzles featuring the most popular Homes in the Retail world today, such as thank you, congratulations, missing you, etc. Each 4.5 X 6.5 card is attached to a retail header complete with barcode, instructions, and j-hook. The header card is perforated for easy removal. Puzzle pieces remove easily - simply apply pressure to the pieces until they break free! Our postcards are made in the USA with virgin material. Mail like a regular postcard using first class postage with the address stamps and card message on reverse side. No additional packaging requited. Availble in a variety of styles.

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Image Product # Description Price
Thank You Postcard Puzzle (5 pack) Thank You Postcard Puzzle (5 pack) $4.95
Think Of You: On The Road Puzzle Postcard ( 5 pack ) Think Of You: On The Road Puzzle Postcard ( 5 pack ) $4.95
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