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Standard and Scrambled Puzzle Postcards

Put all you promotional pieces in place with Custom Puzzle Postcards! Let you imagination go wild!. These postcards are ideal for corporations to use as a convention giveaway, promote a new products/service/event or as a holiday greeting - the possibilities are endless! You can design the postcard puzzle with your own digital photograph and desired informational text on up to four surface. The mailable 4” X 6” (4 color) Puzzle Postcards are manufactured with white coated paperboard stock featuring a horizontal or vertical orientation. Puzzle postcards are available in an assembled configuration or scrambled to add an element of surprise to the puzzle solver recipient! Puzzle pieces remove easily - simply apply pressure to the pieces until they break free! Our postcards are made in the USA with virgin material. Mail like a regular postcard using first class postage with the address stamps and card message on reverse side. No additional packaging requited. Optional trasparent film is also available. Availble in a variety of styles.

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Model #
Description 500-4500 4501-9000 9001-18000 18001-36000 36001-72000 72001-100000
N1028045 Custom Puzzle Postcards $1.20 $1.00 $0.75 $0.61 $0.49 $0.40
(PQRSTU) 100,000 and Up - Call for Quote

Standard Puzzle Postcards are an economical, yet unique way to send greeting for all the major holidays!
Use puzzle postcards as a promotional tool to advertise upcoming products and events!

A creative and fun way to replay a message. The postcards are sent out with the puzzle scrambled. Recipients must put the puzzle together to receive their message.
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